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    CPP41519 - Certificate IV in
    Security Risk Analysis

    The focus of the program is the development and monitoring of Security Risk Assessments (SRAs).

    Security Risk Analysis

    Risk management is a growing and exciting industry, from analysing and recommending counter-terrorism and other risk-mitigation strategies to technical and data protections.

    In Australia, our national terrorism threat level is at “probable”, particularly in public locations where large crowds gather such as sporting, community and religious venues. Local and State Governments and owners/operators of venues have a duty of care and corporate responsibility to undertake a formal risk assessment of their site(s), activities and/or events, and implement and regularly test protective security measures. To do so, many employ or engage qualified private security risk assessment consultants.

    The Certificate IV in Security Risk Analysis course offers a new qualification to meet industry requirements for qualified security risk advisers who can apply technical security and operations expertise in a risk management environment. This course is being offered for the first time nationally in 2020 and requires 475 hours of online study which most graduates complete in under 8 months part-time, or even less when combining with RPL.

    The Australian Security Academy (ASA) delivers the latest in specialist online learning programs for the security and surveillance industry, backed by two decades of experience, quality content, career support and advice.

    CPP41519 - Certificate IV
    in Security Risk Analysis

    Course Length

    450 Hours Online.

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    You will receive online and phone support from our instructors.


    There are no due dates, the course is online and self paced


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    Security Risk Analysis

    Who should do this course?

    The Certificate IV in Security Risk Analysis course is available to anyone wanting to enter the security industry or advance their skills. Aimed at individuals currently employed in security and risk management roles who are wanting to develop their skills in evaluating security vulnerabilities and recommending counter measures to advance to management, or those seeking to become an independent security risk consultant or contractor. In some states it may be a mandatory requirement for those wishing to obtain a security consultant licence.

    Why study with us?

    This course gives students the skills to evaluate, develop, advise and implement security risk management strategies and plans. As one of the most sought after nationally recognised qualifications within the security industry, the Certificate IV in Security Risk Analysis incorporates leadership and management skills to ensure ASA graduates are competent in assessing the potential risks facing an organisation and developing strategies to mitigate that risk.

    Once completed, you’ll be equipped to


    Even the most well-considered and tested security plan is unlikely to completely remove risk, particularly when it comes to large organisations and public places. However, having protective security measures in place developed by a qualified risk analyst or security consultant should significantly minimise the extent of damage to the public, the venue, and the organisation at the centre of any such attack. Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism is available on the National Security government website and outlines strategies all Australian businesses are required to undertake in conjunction with security risk professionals to ensure the protection of their assets and public events. As a result, the security industry has seen significant increase in demand for qualified graduates in risk analysis and mitigation strategies.

    According to the Australian Government “My Skills” website and training register, 88% of graduates from this course are currently employed or undertaking further study in the field. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded Certificate IV in Security Risk Analysis (CPP41519). This course provides the necessary skills for occupational specialisation in electronic security for crowded places and a pathway to further learning and work in security risk management.

    Certificate Iv In Work Health And Saftey

    Graduates are qualified for roles such as

    Course Structure

    There are 12 units of competency
    in the Certificate IV in
    Security Risk Analysis:
    5 core units 
    7 elective units
    (Packaging rules apply)

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