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Australia’s leading employment vacancy resource for Investigators, Regulators & Compliance Personelle. The Australian Security Academy is your key to establishing your ...

Australia’s leading employment vacancy resource for Investigators, Regulators & Compliance Personelle!

The Australian Security Academy is your key to establishing your career influence, income and impact on fraud, non-compliance, bullying and harassment, and many more. Daily updates for your progression into investigation job satisfaction and a career where no two days are the same.

Want more information on your career in Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic investigations, Insurance Fraud, Criminology, Financial Crime, Accident Reconstruction, Compliance Enforcement, Border Protection, Local Laws, Local Government, Transport, Agriculture, Natural Heritage, Fisheries, Security Risk or Surveillance.

Mystery is for fiction novelists. Investigation is for qualified & focused career professionals. Find out what corporations, government departments and investigation agencies want. Find out what they pay and where they are seeking employees. Scan through 1000’s of Investigation Vacancies current and past to get the right information to assist you in your employment goals.

Don’t be guided by others with no clue on your important career. The knowledge, skills, information and attitudes for successful entry into an investigation career are all listed here by the actual employers.

Know what courses are relevant? See what qualifications will get you that promotion or pay rise in local, state and federal government? Understand what employers want in a one-stop location that over 900 investigation focused individuals have already joined. Take control of your future in the Information Age with the right information. We find the jobs for you for free, all you have to do is apply!

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