Recognition Of Prior Learning

Australian Security Academy

The purpose of this is to provide you with a simple way to put together evidence to support an application for Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL. RPL is about giving you credit for what you have already achieved.

Why study something that you have already covered – maybe in your current job or as part of what you might do as member of a committee or a community group. An important aspect of RPL is that your evidence must be third party in nature. Only authentic documents, which can be shown to auditors, are acceptable.

By reading this information you will be able to learn the process to identify the material and sources of information that you can use to demonstrate your experience, in your application for RPL. If you are an experienced in this field, RPL is the quickest and easiest way to gaining a National Qualification in Investigative Services. RPL has these substantial benefits:

Investigative Services

Why study for something you do everyday? To gain the qualification you need, through RPL you need to know the secret of success in RPL. And the secret is . . .
You must be able to collect and present:“Third party Evidence”of your current and past work, education and life experience.Forget about boring classes, repeating what you already know, cramming for exams, playing silly class room games, balancing study, work and home time. Collect your third party evidence – and you become the Prime-Source of support information for your qualification!


Where do I find material to use in my application?

Where else can I look for evidence? Every one has their own ideas on what to keep and what not to keep. Moving house or changing careers is enough for any one to spring clean.
However here are some ideas you may consider for written evidence. Evidence in a work environment may include.

What we are saying about this form of evidence is that it is something that you have produced or created yourself.
Alternatively it says something about you, but may have been created by someone else.

To find out if you are a suitable candidate for RPL please pick the qualification and fill out the corresponding application: