Australian Security Academy

Mission Statement


♦ 2001 ♦

Our mission is to deliver affordable, accessible, relevant and content rich, contemporary investigation, security risk management, and government fraud control professional development on demand, to individuals, government and corporations globally.

The Academy has worked continuously to develop relevant, content-rich qualifications to ensure individuals grow their careers. The Academy is a boutique registered training organisation established in 2001 and we only teach Investigations, Government Fraud Control, Risk Management, WHS, and Loss Adjusting. We are not an RTO that teaches Childcare and Hairdressing as well, we are specialists in our field. The Academy is successful at what it does and we are proud to be where we are today! We hope you become a part of the Academy as we hope for nothing but the success of your future in our industry.


The Academy is Registered Training Organisation #30547.

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