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People who go missing voluntarily do so for a reason. So do people who fake their own disappearance which is ...
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People who go missing voluntarily do so for a reason. So do people who fake their own disappearance which is most often financially inspired. The temptation is just too great. In today’s global E-Commerce economy, there are numerous highly qualified and well-trained people in the art of transferring funds that cannot be traced or recovered. They work in corporations, government, banks, financial institutions or as suppliers to those. A well-imed cashed up exit is something that is not opportunistic but planned around their past experiences and future ambitions. They know how a Tax Haven or Swiss Bank work.

There is no law against faking your own demise.

Police do not have the resources or interest to chase low amounts through multi-jurisdictions and legally complex and diverse countries. Even if they did have such resources, there would be a waiting list of 100’s of 1000’s of cases. Private Investigators are hired to locate the person and or the funds. Specialising in tracing missing persons and stolen funds the Investigator provides the corporation with the information they need to recover cash and or assets and take a Brief of Evidence to the police to run the case with.

Issues to think about before faking your own death.

Don’t do it unless you are prepared to be an international criminal. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

Relatives & Friends- If you have friends and family, you will be hated & despised when they find out you are not dead.

Location – Don’t use the sea, rivers or lakes to stage your demise. 97% of drowning victims body’s are discovered washed up or floating.

Best Location -The majority of people who go missing with their body never to be found, go missing hiking, cycling or broken down and left their vehicle in the bush, mountains or desert. It is really common, today we are not as outdoorsy as we once were 50 years ago. It is easy to fake an unprepared, un-resourced, no food, no water, no shelter remote exit. Be careful, you have to go there to disappear from there you don’t want your fake plan to become a reality.

Goodbye – Be prepared to leave all your past activities and interests behind, you must be totally different. Change your appearance, preferences and lifestyle.

Accommodation – Have you stolen enough money to afford modest, accommodation, utilities and transport for the first two years of establishing your new life?

If you stole enough money from anyone or any corporation, they will hire an investigator to track you down even if it takes years.

“I should like to tidy things up and disappear.” Virginia Woolf

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