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Top 5 Tips For Breaking Into The Australian Investigation Industry

So be confident, present well, demonstrate acquired skills, be positive and willing to learn, and you will excel!

So you graduated from your course, you have obtained The Australian Investigation Industry Private Investigator License and you want to commence working in the Civil Investigation Industry! What do employers want and how can you match those needs?

Tip #1

At all times present well, that means physically, emotionally and mentally. If you attend a prospective employment interview and you are dressed casually, wearing ratty shoes and complain about your lot in life, as well as present as unsure about your future career… You will have no future career. “Poor me’s “get no where in any career and a “poor me” attitude at an interview is the number one reason why! They will have sub contract investigators working for them who have experience and are earning $2,500.00 per week. The employer is paying them each fortnight, and knows precisely how successful they are. The employer does not want a person on her / his team who spends more time making excuses than earning money, when others are outrageously successful right now in this field.

Tip #2

Have a portfolio to show your prospective employer. Employer’s conduct a lot of interviews and their time is limited. Show the employer statements you took and reports you wrote during your investigation course. Explain these are non confidential and were practice situations. What’s on your resume is important, but what relevant investigation skills you can demonstrate will promote you as the solution to the employers needs. By showing you have intuitive skills gained from great training over time the employer will see less time needs to be invested in you.

Tip #3

Use the language of the employer in applications and at interviews. Every employer has a website. Research it. Understand what they do, who their clients are and where they operate. If your investigation course was substantial and not a cheapie you will have a basic understanding of General insurance, CTP, Workers Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accident, Surveillance, Public Liability and more. You do not have to be an expert on each, however a little knowledge will make any decision much more favourable because you can talk the talk and they will in turn give you a chance to walk the walk! In saying that, be careful not to come across as a know it all… express your knowledge but also remember to LISTEN carefully to what they say. Make the employer aware that you are willing to learn and your intention is to be valuable to her / him.

Tip #4

Persist with applications and contact. 95% of life is just turning up does not apply in civil investigations. It is actually 99.9%. Employers are busy. They will listen to you on the phone, read your emails and correspondence and think this applicant has potential. Then the phone will ring, deadlines will come in, other matters will be attended to, clients will have an urgent matter, and your application just passed by. Increase your opportunities by following up, with a reminder call, reminder email or even call in as you were passing by. Never let an employer forget you, or miss the amazing opportunity to engage you for their services.

Tip #5

Be confident when applying with established investigation agencies. If you fit with their requirements as a solution to their human resources needs, that investigation agency will increase their business as a result of engaging you. In simple terms, the agency can provide an extra solution (you) for their client’s needs and increase the agency’s weekly income. Win/win for all.
So be confident, present well, demonstrate acquired skills, be positive and willing to learn, and you will excel!

Mike Evans

CEO Australian Security Academy

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