PSP60116 – Advanced Diploma of
Government (Workplace Inspection/Investigations/Fraud Control)

Are you currently employed in a managerial capacity within the public sector? Do you seek to extend your qualifications with a broad range of skills? Or are you looking to specialise in a key area such as Investigations, Workplace Inspection or Fraud? The Advanced Diploma of Government satisfies all these goals. Simply complete the core study units and choose the elective most relevant to your career objective!

Students who complete this course most likely work in OH&S, Workers Compensation, Workplace Relations, Government Investigations or Fraud Control. As a senior government employee, you may be responsible for the conduct of statutory investigations and enforcement and desire up-to-date skills in these areas.

The Advanced Diploma of Government (Workplace Inspections/ Investigations/ Fraud Control) course offers three streams of specialist qualification, as well as a generalised overview qualification. This course requires 900 hours of online study which most graduates complete in under 24 months part-time.

Advanced Diploma Of Government

PSP6016 - Advanced Diploma in
Government Investigations

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Course Length

920 - 1000 Hours Online.

Start date

The course is online so whenever you wish!


You will receive online and phone support from our instructors.


There are no due dates, the course is online and self paced


Yes, Recognition Of Prior Learning is included

Career Opportunities

The Advanced Diploma of Government is an advanced qualification highly desirable to public sector employees seeking career advancement. It is ideally suited for those wishing to gain an advanced level of practical and theoretical knowledge in the management of statutory investigations, compliance, and enforcement, with course materials tailored specifically to meet the needs of senior workplace inspectors, field officers, investigations and fraud control managers and others acting under authority of relevant legislation.

Graduates are qualified for roles such as:

• Senior Manager (Government) • Government Investigations Manager • Government Manager, Fraud Control • Prevention and Detection Unit Manager • Senior Workplace Inspector

You may even get requests from Individuals, also business-related serarches and locates.

Employment may be sought in the following areas

Course Structure

There are 16 units of competency
in the Advanced Diploma of
Government qualification:
5 Core units
11 Elective units
(Packaging rules apply)

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PSP60116 – Advanced Diploma

of Government (Workplace Inspection/Investigations/Fraud Control)
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