CPP30619 Certificate III in
Investigative Services

This is the certification you are required to become a LICENSED PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR IN AUSTRALIA.

Have you always asked questions? Been naturally inquisitive? Are you a skilled observer and able to stay calm and focused under pressure? Do you enjoy a bit of excitement and variety in your life? You might be highly suited to a career in the surveillance industry!

The Australian Security Academy (ASA) delivers affordable, accessible online courses specialising in investigations and surveillance that are backed by two decades of experience, quality content, career support and advice.

Study online at your own pace! The Certificate III in Investigative Services course requires 500 hours of online study which most graduates complete in under 10 months part-time. Work during the day and study at night to upskill and pursue a new career or a more senior role. You are in control with the flexibility to complete all of our courses as quickly as you desire.

Investigative Services

CPP30619 Certificate III in  Investigative Services

Course Length

500 Hours Online

Start date

The course is online so whenever you wish!


You will receive online and phone support from our instructors.


There are no due dates, the course is online and self paced


Yes, Recognition Of Prior Learning is included

Diploma Of Fraud Control

Who should do this course?

The Certificate III in Investigative Services course is available to anyone wanting to enter the surveillance industry or advance their skills. Aimed at civil or private investigators, insurance claim managers, auditors and compliance officers, complaints and grievance officers, police, and anyone seeking entry into the field of investigative services.

Why study with us?

This course gives students the skills to conduct legally compliant, comprehensive investigations in multiple areas including – missing persons, insurance and other fraud, risk management and government and corporate compliance, and civil and criminal matters. It provides graduates with advanced evidence gathering and information recording techniques, while ensuring they have the skills to abide by the strict ethical standards of their new profession.


With approximately A$1.4 Billion in insurance fraud committed in Australia every year the demand for highly trained, qualified and licensed Civil Investigators is on the increase!

According to the Australian Government “My Skills” website and training register, 81% of graduates from this course are currently employed or undertaking further study in the field.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded a Certificate III in Investigative Services (CPP30619), enabling you to apply to the Office of Fair Trading for a Class 1 Security Providers Licence as a Private Investigator.

Diploma Of Secruity Risk Management Asa

Once completed, you’ll be equipped to:

Areas of high-demand investigative work include

Graduates wishing to apply for an Australian Security Providers Licence must be

Course Structure

There are 16 units of competency in the Certificate III in Investigative Services:
5 Core Units
11 Elective Unites
Packaging rules appply.

Elective unit requirements:
FACTUAL INVESTIGATION: All 8 units in Group A plus 3 units from groups B or C.

SURVEILLANCE INVESTIGATION: All 7 units in Group B plus 4 units from groups A or C.

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