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Thank you from the ASA On the 15th of May, the Australian Security Academy attended the AISP's professional association meeting ...

Thank you from the ASA

On the 15th of May, the Australian Security Academy attended the AISP’s professional association meeting and this time we took along some well-deserved awards. The Australian Security Academy has been operating for over 18 years now and for any small business, let alone an RTO, we know that’s not easy. We could not have done it without the support we have received from the investigation and risk management community at large. Our operations manager, Casey Pyne was in Melbourne to hand out the awards to those who could attend.

Naturally, not everyone could be present at the AISP meeting so we have posted the awards out, even if the Postman wasn’t as careful as we had hoped he would be! We had two different professional recognition rewards that went out, one was for helping us with over 500 in class training events and the other was supporting us over the past 18 years and helping us see over 12,000 people graduate from the Australian Security Academy!

Dedicated, knowledgeable, professional and generous investigators have been teaching in class events for us, all over Australia, for the past 18 years. These people come and teach as well as inspire the future of our industry! These people received awards for:

Outstanding Contribution During 500 in Class Professional Development Investigation Events


Monika Smith
Lisa Carse
Jim Higgins
David Harley
Jenny Cornell
Paul York
Patrick Henderson
Carl Donadio
Ben Rix
Kieran Milne
Andrew Chambers
Christine Badham
Andrew Baldock
Robert Anderson

For The Support Of Over 12,000 Graduate Students In Investigative Services

Kieran Milne of MJM
Stephen Scahill of OIS Global
Robert Anderson of Seca Group
Vincent Quattropani of LS Partners
Vlad Espinoza of Global Data
Robert Winter of Technical Assessing
David MacLeod of Macil Group
Darshan Paul of AP Security Group
Jason Spivey of TSG Australia
Charlie Tucker of PWC
Mario Bekes of Insight Intelligence
Adeline Shelley of Deloitte

We are sorry, Mario, that your award was broken in the post but, we are very grateful for your enthusiasm and appreciation regardless!

This industry is a tough one, we deal with intense working conditions, TV inspired stigmas, difficult cases and clients and yet here we all are. For all its cons, it has more pros. Our industry is needed, we will continue to strive for the highest standards and it is a pleasure watching intelligent and new people come in with respect and appreciation.

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