Australian Security Academy

"Very in depth. Thoroughly enjoyed the course once again the Australian Security Academy has under promised and over delivered with the in depth knowledge that is provided in the course.”


Testimonial Stars
“Highly proffessional Highly proffessional, experienced team. Thoroughly enjoy the courses from ASA. Nothing beats experience from the field and this shows throughout the lessons taught by ASA staff.”
Sam Bev
Testimonial Stars

"Really good, I wish it lasted longer! I really learned a lot."


Testimonial Stars
“Great service and attention to what is required Great service and attention to what is required. I would highly recommend the Australian Security Academy for course or qualification requirements. Thanks for the Certificate IV in Government (Investigation), and I’m looking forward to catching up to complete the Advanced Diploma.”
Ray Kroeze
Testimonial Stars

"Absolutely loving it”


Testimonial Stars
“Can’t beat Australian Security Academy Can’t beat Australian Security Academy for Private Investigation Training.”
Jamie Penney
Testimonial Stars

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