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Cop This Before You Cop Out!

Getting a job and climbing the ladder in any industry takes time, perseverance, knowledge and tact. Here we tackle the investigation employment cop out issues and turn them into positives for you!

Getting a job and climbing the ladder in any industry takes time, perseverance, knowledge and tact. Here we tackle the investigation employment cop-out issues and turn them into positives for you!

Cop out #1

All employers want experience. Well, it’s nice if  they can get it, there is no denying that, but more often than not experience brings baggage from past work that employers do not want. This then requires just as much training time (and sometimes more) as taking on a freshly licensed PI. Thus as a new starter you are baggage free and willing to learn the way this employer want’s you to do their work.

Cop out #2

There is no work in the industry. Well this week’s payroll for Investigation Agencies throughout Australia will top over $5,000,000.00 so the figures say very much otherwise. Employers know what they are paying out and earning for their services. If you believe negative or disillusioned people who spread false rumours, you don’t deserve success in any industry. This industry is not about to go away so don’t fall for this cop out.

Cop out #3

It costs too much to become a Private Investigator. Fifteen years ago it cost $1,700.00 – $3,000.00 for the course, $3,000.00 for a computer $1,000.00 for a 35 mm camera, $2,900.00 for a video camera, $800.00 for a mobile phone and $280.00 for a license. Total minimum almost $10,000.00. Today by comparison with changes in technology entry level costs could be as low as $5,900.00 all inclusive. Shop smart and ask others what the best equipment is so you can ensure you don’t make the same mistakes they did and you will also save yourself money!

Cop out #4

Investigation work is sub contract. Yes, it is. Just like sales work it offers an unlimited income opportunity which is directly correlated with how hard you are prepared to work. No investigator sits all day in an air conditioned office and gets paid a weekly time serving allowance. If you are prepared to work, create opportunities and develop a successful career establishing yourself as the go to investigator for your specialty, you can and nothing will stand in your way.

Cop out #5

Pay rates are limited to hourly rates and vary between agencies and insurers. Yes they are. And there are established licensed  investigators embarrassing themselves on Facebook in Australia, bitching about their employer and pay rates being $.25 less here than there. This is great, it means abundant opportunities for you because unsuccessful investigators expose themselves on social networking and you don’t have that unprofessional attitude and that will not go unnoticed. Yes beginners earn less, but as you grow professionally and gain experience you earn more.

Ignore the negativity, realise those who spread it are doing you a favour and creating opportunities for you. The most negative investigators are the most incompetent investigators. The industry is thriving, enjoy your participation in and contribution to it.

Mike Evans

CEO Australian Security Academy

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