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Investigation Opportunities Exist! Who Knew?

Some arsonists are not financially adept enough to survive until the next downturn and they have to burn their own vehicles even before then, so there is also work for the investigator in between!

Investigation Opportunities in Australian civil investigations for Licensed Private Investigators are only limited by the needs of your clients. But it is good to keep in mind that regular seasonal highs come into play continuously. For a simple example, when the economy is humming along and a hiccough like the Global Financial Crisis hits… suddenly there are numerous expensive motor vehicles going up in flames all around Australia, near where you operate your PI Business. Some arsonists are not financially adept enough to survive until the next downturn and they have to burn their own vehicles even before then, so there is also work for the investigator in between! Motor Vehicle theft is still a long way off any major reduction, even as anti theft technology gets more sophisticated, profit motivated theft will ensure skills will rise to the occasion. As long as there are changing circumstances and temptation to commit insurance fraud there will be work for the Licensed Private Investigator.

A civil investigator can obtain work from insurers, government departments or corporations as well as individuals seeking their services. Depending on the investigator’s level of skill, experience and knowledge, geographical location and current market trends within the investigation industry, it is possible to maximise ways to increase both workload and rate of remuneration.
By providing a service or undertaking a particular type of investigation in an area where there is a shortage of investigators to complete that type of work, it will always ensure a healthy workload and you may also be able to negotiate a higher rate of pay, depending on the competition between clients. There is nothing wrong with diversification of your investigation types and skill sets, it is actually expected more than investigators realise.
If you have developed expertise in a certain field of investigations, such as fire investigations for example, market yourself and take advantage of that niche market.
Areas that can provide good opportunities for investigators include the following:-

•    General insurance property claims – Stolen motor vehicles / home burglary, etc.
•    Fire investigations
•    Public liability investigations
•    Workers compensation
•    Surveillance


*  Employee fidelity
*  Theft
*  Extortion
*  Recovery
*  International checks
*  Surveillance
* Under cover worker
* Audits

The following are things that you can do to take advantage of opportunities in the investigation industry:-

•    Plan well, think strategically and forward whilst considering where you want your business to be in 5 years time.
•    Do your research, see what others don’t do or offer, start offering those services.
•    Put effort into your own personal self development to develop new skills.
•    Undertake training in new areas, if your competition is standing still that’s great move forward with the times. The professionals don’t see further education as an indulgence, but a necessity.
•    Market your services appropriately and be visible to clients, never let a client forget you, never forget a client.
•    Contain costs to make yourself competitively affordable.
•    Take pride in your work and provide a quality product to the client.
•    Pay strict attention to time-frames required by clients.

Most of all enjoy your investigation work!
I recently heard from a past client. He had one of Queensland’s most sought after Investigation Agencies specialising in General Insurance Investigation, and he dropped off my radar about four years ago. Every Friday I communicate with Australia’s Investigation Industry leading movers and shakers by  phone, email, LinkedIn or Facebook and I wondered what had happened to him in that circle? He explained

“I was having a simple medical procedure ” as a result “I received an infection and was in a coma in hospital for three months.”

His business effectively closed for four years. Now he is back in the industry. Yes, his past reputation has helped, but he is establishing new clients on a weekly basis and developing a team to work with him. He is passionate about his quality work, and the success of his investigators and that passion is his competitive determining factor in building his new business. He is sixty two years old and has the optimistic outlook and energised work ethic the best of the best adopt. He is an inspiration and reminded me why I love this industry!

Mike Evans

CEO Australian Security Academy

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